GVV&CVC Club Mini Project – December 2016

GVVCVC December 2016 Journal

The club restoration project has been completed for some time now and the car has been displayed at many venues with raffle sales being well accepted.

The car is a credit to all those members (you know who you are) that took part ( large or small ) to make the project a success in being a learning tool for members to work on their own cars and  parts for restoration and to produce for the club  such a good example of vehicle restoration  for a raffle prize.

Thank you to the members that have given their time and money to selling the tickets for the raffle at the events where the car was displayed.

It is especially heartening to have members say they could not be involved in the actual restoration for various reasons but in turn put a lot of effort into selling tickets or buying a book themselves.

A big thank you from the club to the purchasers of tickets that are not members of the club, you have contributed to the project success and to the further success of the GVV&CVC going forward.

Thank you to the club members as a whole for voting in favour  to allow the project to be conducted in the first place.

The draw for the Mini prize is only 6 days away as I write this, I know there are tickets still available but you will need to be quick to get one or more before the draw contact info@gawlercarclub.com

Good Luck in the draw to those with mini raffle tickets.

The winner will be declared in the future on this site.

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Martin Stephens

Still waiting:

“The winner will be declared in the future on this site.”

It is not so easy to attend meetings and events now I’m living in Crystal Brook so have been waiting to learn who did win it?

People around here who bought tickets from me are asking the same thing!

Martin Stephens

Still waiting 🙁

Martin Stephens

Sorry Shane, found it elsewhere, my apologies. Doh!