Morris Mini Restoration Workshop Update – 25th May 2016

Morris Mini Restoration Workshop

Not a lot to show via pictures of the progress of the restoration of the mini, but a lot of little things have been done to the extent that the car is almost coming to an end.
The motor starts up straight away since the wiring has been completed and we had to consult an expert for the wiring as this car has some upgrades, being an alternator instead of a generator, for one.
The grille and it’s surrounds and the edge beading on the body are fitted. The exhaust has been fitted, the gear lever still to be fitted along with it’s surround. Bonnet is not final fitted as shown in the pictures, so that still needs to be done.
A few other little jobs which take time need to be attended to and then a final rub down and polish of the paint and we will be ready to go on the display trail.

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Ron Stephens

I saw the Mini and the hard working group of same old same old fellas. They are there every week, most of them, a small number of between 6 and 10 I believe,hot or cold and it was cold when I called in on my way to my “job” at Roseworthy College. The red is very red,the photos don’t show how vivid a red it is. It looks great and the interior is superb,thanks to Trevor Evans expertise and guidance of his “pupils”

Cheers Ron S.

Paul Charal

When will more photographs of the completed Mini be posted?

It looks fantastic and should be shown off a bit more on the website.

Great work by the whole team of people involved.