Morris Mini Restoration Workshop Update – 4th May 2016

Morris Mini Restoration Workshop

As can be seen in the pictures the engine was re-installed in the mini today.
The engine was bench started before re-installation and ran very well as expected and the oil pressure is brilliant.
David and Des Jewis from Rhemac motors dropped in to take a look at the progress of what the club members had achieved since purchasing the car from them and I think they went away suitably impressed. David’s pictures shows a group of members with the car that were attending on the day.
The photos shown here were taken by David Jewis and sent on to me for inclusion on the progress report.
A lot of little jobs have to be completed now and will not show much alteration to what can be seen now in the pictures, once the dashboard, grille and bonnet go back on then that will add to the appearance of the car nearing completion.

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Ron Stephens
What a remarkable transition from wrecks to better than a new one.I called into Corrie’s on the way to my wednesday Roseworthy “JOB”. I only stayed for about 10 mins.time enough to see the hoist(ably operated by Tony Roberts) raising the complete motor into it’s place,well,I didn’t actually see the end of it happeneing but enough to know it was going to happen soon after I had to leave.Well done to the team. And a very regular team of dedicated members it is.Corrie struggling with his back (and he had an operation on it the next day) but showing his… Read more »