Project Car 2017 – Alfa Romeo Sprint 1500 1981 – Report 1

1981 Alfa Romeo Sprint 1500 Restoration Workshop

Workshop Wednesday 24/5/2017
Work has begun on things necessary and tidy up of the 2017 club project, a 1981 Alfa Romeo Sprint 1500.
The first thing was to identify what was required to be attended to, the first thing was to rectify the sticking front disc pads.
After long deliberation and a couple of checks it was decided the brake callipers would need to be removed and overhauled, a task I knew was challenging on this model Alfa.
I had already done some research and the answer was because the disc brakes are inboard the drive shafts have to be disconnected and the rotors removed to be able to remove the callipers. All that removal went fairly well until we tried to disconnect the cable for the hand brake situated furthest in, closest to the gearbox on both sides. Us old guys with fat hands and fingers could not achieve the removal and decided we would seek further advice as to any tricks for removal and that was it for us on this first workshop. Further advice for hand brake cable disconnection is perseverance and luck as the way we are doing it is the only way. I guess there will be a few swear words flying around in our next attempt and the thing that concerns me is once they are off we will have to put them back again. I have read some people in frustration have not reconnected and run without a hand brake. We all commented that we thought the British had some pretty bad designs but the Italians have now taken top spot in our eyes.

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