Project Car 2017 – Alfa Romeo Sprint 1500 1981 – Report 2

Alfa Romeo Project Car WorkshopTony R with Alf

Workshop Wednesday 31/5/2017

Bruce and Ann Williams visited our second week of the Alfa tidy up and he took some pictures attached and made a comment below. Ann is looking really good and feeling the same after her big operation only a couple of weeks ago. She was telling me of her hectic routine since coming home from hospital and I think she had better slow down. In answer to Bruce’s comments we were able to remove the front brake calipers (without removing the engine and trans) and disassemble them and that was the object of the day.

Bruce’s Report:

The blokes are still busy at the Humbug Scrub restoration workshop and the club Alfa Romeo is coming along nicely. A small problem needing to be overcome is that the handbrake cable needs to be replaced. However on this car the cable operates the shoes on the front wheels and the manual reads that the engine needs to be removed to replace that small cable. Well I thought that Pommy cars were a pain at times. But I think that the brilliant minds of our members working there will find another way to replace this flamin cable.

Regards Brewan.

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