Things you should know about your Historic Registration

All Club members should know the laws covering Historic Registration, and abide by them. Those who flout the laws can be fined (see article below) and bring disrepute to the Club.
If you have a vehicle which does not comply with the Code Of Practice for Historic Vehicles* then that vehicle can not be on Historic Registration, and should be on full registration to be driven on the road. Historic Vehicle Log Books must be validated every year by one of the Club Registrars. If your Log Book
has not been validated, your vehicle is not registered. Each Log Book is valid for 3 years (provided that it is validated each year), and after 3 years a new Log Book must be issued, even if the Log Book is only partly used.

Please visit the SA Government Department of Transport website for more information on Conditional Registration at

One of the responsibilities is that you must cancel registration and return the Log Book to the Club Registrar if you sell or dispose of a vehicle (including giving it to a family member). The Club Registrars would also like to know if you have laid up a vehicle and have not renewed registration. If you have disposed of or laid up a vehicle please let one of the Registars know. Contact details available from the Club.

Another responsibility is that you must maintain financial membership of an approved club.

Another document that is essential is the Code of Practice Stat Dec proforma which can be downloaded or viewed at The document will open in a new browser window for viewing or you can click on the link and “Right Click” and “Save Target As” to save it to your local machine.

Click the image below to view the Club Registration Code of Practice

Code of Practice

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