Download or view the latest GVVCVC Events Calendar HERE. You can also take a look at Events at a glance using the Calendar tool below.
Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7.00pm at the Gawler Recreation Centre “Youth Shack”, Nixon Tce Gawler SA.
New members and guests very welcome

The Gawler to Barossa Veteran and Vintage Run is on again in April, 2018. Learn more HERE

If you are having trouble viewing the Calendar above you can visit the Google Calendars Known Issues page for some tips on accessing the calendar in Google Chrome. Yes, that’s right, a Google application not working always working in a Google browser!ct

18 Comments on "Events"

  1. this is to hard to reed .please send the jjournal

  2. Thanks for the comment Jeff. You can still download the Journal under the Magazines tab in the top menu or download the Events PDF by clicking on the link in the “Download or view the latest GVVCVC Events Calendar HERE.” That link is for this month

  3. Ron Stephens&Barb.McLellan | March 8, 2013 at 10:29 am |

    Peter(and Shane,or is it the other way around).We love this layout and every aspect of the site it is certainly “up there”,easy to read,plenty of info.,once again,well done..Cheers Ron and Barbara…

  4. Thanks Ron & Barb, your comments are very much appreciated, glad you like it!

  5. Great Web site, a credit to you.
    Thank you

  6. I agree – looks good, maybe Jeff isn’t wearing his reading glasses??

    It would be a good idea to add ‘Gawler’ after TAFE car park venue for Old Car Day, just to clarify start points (We do have a TAFE in Elizabeth too)

    Ta, Martin S

  7. Duly noted, Gawler added 🙂 Thanks for the positive comments!

  8. Paul vanRuth MTFCA | September 1, 2013 at 11:20 am |

    Where is the Old Car Day? At our club they were saying Bethany But your calendar list a different venue.

  9. Hi Paul, I guess a little late to your reply now. Alvin Jenkin was arranging that run. In the Events Calendar hard copy he produced it was Fremont Park and Mallala, as it was on the interactive calendar here.

  10. Hi Shane I find the layout good If possible I would like to see more info about the events Such as Do we take Morning tea and do we take lunch or go to a Hotel This is helpful for the ladies Also some details of the run direction so that those who do not live in Gawler may join the run if it is passes close to their home on the way. I would think that these points would go a long way to ensure a good run Regards Bruce

    • Bruce, I am with you all the way on this and have raised it in the past at meetings.

      If I get the info I can put it in the Journal and E-Torque it, but as advised I rarely get the info. In future I will provide what info I get to Shane so that it can go on the web site.

      Run organisers need to be more proactive in providing the info both at meetings and in writing.

  11. Hi Bruce,
    Thanks very much for the suggestions. It’s certainly something I’d be willing to put in as content. Perhaps make a suggestion to the run co-ordinator or bring it up as general business at the next meeting. I’m happy to do whatever people want, just need the content to add it.

  12. Hi Shane tried to input more details of the run on 20 11 to Pt Wakefield but entered save and didnt save Time 0845 leave 0915 Through Mallala then to Dublin Park for morning tea Park behind Then on to Pt wakefield to arrive 18 Burra st John Kipling will provide info re historic sites and show vehicles etc Picnic Lunch about 1pm in swimming reserve by caravan park BYO Return via Balaklava

  13. Hi Bruce,
    I’ve added the content into the calendar for the run on 20/11

  14. Thanks Shane for helping an old fart out re wed run Regards Bruce

  15. Shane there is nothing on the events calender to inform about the run that I have organised for next wed 22nd I have sent the details to Alvin and you Cheers Bruce

    • Bruce in reply to your comment for the run which you are organising for the 22nd of April thanks for the info and it will be posted when time permits via the server.

    • Run now added Bruce

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