GVV&CVC Paskeville Run – 29th October 2017

Old Vauxhalls

Club Run 29/10/17 to Peter Dalton’s property at Paskeville

Crikey, did it blow. I reckon that given our road speed and gale force head winds, our poor old cars were taking 200KPH winds. Anthony had part of his Jag windscreen surround blown off and my wipers were saying enough of this bloody windy stuff please take me home.

Anyhow we had 20 hardy members on this run, and we had a nice morning tea stop at Pt Wakefield by the lake, where we sat around and chatted with our club mates.

Travelling on to Paskeville we alighted at the hobby farms of our club members Peter and Julia.  These are very interesting properties, with many Vauxhalls and some other brands  in various states of disrepair and spread around Paskeville. I would like to thank Peter as I will never be accused of leaving my work place in a state of disrepair again after the women glimpsed the insides of Peter’s sheds. Thank you Peter.  (mate)

After a good look around we took shelter from the wind in a covered area at the tennis courts across the road, where we had our BYO lunch.

Thanks again to Peter and Julia for making their hobby farms available to us for this run.

Regards Brewan

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